2020 Notes (subject to change)

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2020 Special Notice


The health and safety of our visiting families and staff is always paramount, please be assured we will adhere to all social distancing restrictions in place at that time. In the event of restrictions being imposed preventing us to run the experience, we will be able to offer all customers a rescheduled date for the following year or a complete refund of the booking.

Please note that we will still allow families to take their own photos on their journey to Santa's Courtyard, however to enable us control the flow of people and prevent the delays caused in the past, when meeting with Santa all photos will be taken using our camera with a system in place to allow free download after the event as well as being able to have copies printed on site. Further updates will be made on this as upgrades to the photography system are underway.

It is difficult to predict the exact format and rules in an ever changing world at the moment. In an attempt to prepare everyone, please note that face coverings may be mandatory for everyone where possible, except for exemptions for health reasons. Restrictions may mean excluding the complimentary refreshments on arrival, families may need to wait in their vehicle until their time and organised parking may be in operation which must be adhered to regardless of arrival time or preference of location. Please note the rules are subject to change right up to the date you book. We endeavour to update the website with information as it becomes available to us.